Ceremony Types

Cherish Ceremonies perform a variety of beautiful ceremonies and celebrations, creating moments you’ll cherish forever!

Wedding CeremonyLorin_Chris_Wedding (Small)

A wedding ceremony is a legal marriage ceremony between two people. The ceremony must contain the legally required wording, however all other ceremony content can be tailored to the couple’s personality and taste. We perform a beautiful wedding ceremony that you will Cherish forever. We also look after all of the legal paperwork with you and ensure  your marriage is performed to the Australian legal requirements and necessary paperwork submitted to Births, Deaths and Marriages for registration.

IMG_6901Commitment Ceremony

A commitment ceremony is a public declaration of love and commitment between you and your partner. This ceremony is very similar to a marriage ceremony but is not legally binding. The content and style of every commitment ceremony will be different, and tailored to the wants and needs of each individual couple. Your ceremony can be as traditional and formal as you like, or relaxed and completely free to be a reflection of you.


Renewal of Vows Ceremony

A renewal of vows ceremony is an opportunity to formally recommit to your loved one. A renewal of vows ceremony is very similar to a marriage ceremony, however it is not legally binding. A renewal of vows ceremony will usually include information about your relationship, a re-commitment to your partner through the exchange of vows and sometimes an exchange of rings.

Baby Naming Ceremonyatp-3243 (Small)

A Baby Naming Ceremony is a beautiful and meaningful way to formally name and welcome a newcomer to your family and friends. It includes information about the child being named, the origin or meaning of their name, a naming ritual, parents dedications, poems or readings of your choice, and opportunity to appoint guardians/ mentors/ fairy godparents etc and can also include Grandparents, siblings and special people. Similar to a traditional Christening however not generally conducted in a church. Most naming ceremonies do not include any religion, however you may include religious elements if you like.

atp-3267 (Small)Naming Ceremony 

A Naming Day Ceremony is a ceremony to formally name a person of any age. A bespoke ceremony that includes information about the person being named, the meaning of their name, a naming ritual, poems and readings of your choice, may include family and friends. It can also be a fantastic ceremony for people who have changed their name.

Transformation Ceremony

A transformation ceremony is a ceremony to celebrate a new chapter in your life. For example it may be for leaving home, a new home, changing jobs, divorce, cleansing and making a fresh start, or any moment of significance you would like to celebrate with a ceremony.

Wisdom Ceremony

A wisdom ceremony is a ceremony for those who wish to celebrate the third season of their lives. This is a ceremony celebrating the wisdom of age, a milestone of life.

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