Cherish Ceremonies Celebrants excited about the Australian Same Sex Marriage survey results!

Cherish Celebrants Tamzin Lockhart of Waterford West and Lynette McCauley of Bahrs Scrub near Beenleigh in Logan, Queensland, are both super excited that tomorrow (Wednesday 15th November 2017) Australia will hopefully announce the legalisation of Same-Sex Marriage. Cherish Ceremonies have been supporting same-sex marriage since we began in 2004. Over the years performing many same-sex ceremonies for couples. At Cherish”We Believe in Love” and from all those years performing ceremonies for gay and lesbian couples we have seen first hand that love is love. It’s so exciting that soon we will have the chance for equality in the marriage act and we have to admit that we can’t wait to perform our first completely legal and equal same-sex wedding.

We are so thrilled Australia’s had a change of heart!
Love is love. Call us if you can’t wait to marry yours!
Let’s celebrate Love!
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Ideas for Games at your Wedding by Cherish Ceremonies Marriage Celebrants

celebrant, cherish, logan, beenleigh, windaroo, waterford, queensland, brisbane, gold coast, outdoor games, croquet, lawn, Games at weddings are becoming more and more popular.  When I first became a celebrant I performed a themed and costumed Alice in Wonderland Wedding.  I came as the white rabbit from the story. During the break after the ceremony and before the Reception, guests played croquet on the lawn, like they did in the story itself.  They all seemed to really enjoy the theme and the croquet.

You don’t have to have a theme to have some fun and games at your wedding.  If you want to be hip with the in crowd, here are some tips for a successful fun wedding that everyone will be talking about for ages afterwards.

So many ceremonies happen outdoors in parks and gardens these days and even in people’s home gardens, that it is really perfect to set up some games to give the guests something to do if there is a break between the ceremony and the reception times. It also discourages so much alcohol drinking, so could save you a bundle. You can provide water and soft drinks in eskies or tubs of ice during the break. Let the champagne flow after the bridal party arrive back to the celebrations.

celebrant, cherish, logan, beenleigh, windaroo, waterford, queensland, brisbane, gold coast, boules, bocce, outdoor games, lawn, game, weddingThere are a few ways to acquire the necessary games you need to keep the guests entertained while you have photos taken etc.  Firstly keep in mind what type of wedding you are having.  If the look is very formal, some more refined games would be required.  Croquet or Boules would be very suitable.  You can buy boules and croquet sets that are not too expensive and keep them later for home parties in your own garden.  If you keep your eye on the catalogues you can find these games on special from time to time.  They last forever, so can be a great investment. I also had friends who made their own giant jenga.  They said it wasn’t too hard.  Look on pinterest for information on making giant games.

celebrant, cherish, logan, beenleigh, windaroo, waterford, queensland, brisbane, gold coast, jenga, giant, bride, groom, outdoor, game, fun, I ordered giant games online, which included giant jenga (very popular) and giant connect 4, also a popular game.  There was also a giant dominoes. The quality of the games when they arrived was quite disappointing, the giant connect 4 falling to pieces before my party was over. This was a big shame.  I had attended a party where the giant games were absolutely fantastic.  On enquiry, my friend informed me that she had hired these games for her party.

Another fantastic game is Giant frisbee, but this perhaps is a little athletic for a wedding.  Guests may have to take off their good shoes and heels to play this.

connect four, 4, celebrant, cherish, logan, beenleigh, windaroo, waterford, queensland, brisbane, gold coast, outdoor, game, lawn, fun, Some of the types of outdoor games for hire

  • Giant chess
  • Giant jenga
  • Giant pick up sticks
  • Ten Pin Bowling
  • Boules
  • Croquet
  • Giant Connect 4

So if you do care that your guests are having a great time and not just drinking the bar dry in between ceremony and reception, start buying or look at some of the following websites to see prices to hire games.  Then put one of your friends or family members in charge of putting the games out and collecting them to be taken back after the wedding.

If you are game for the games for your big event, try the following websites.

or if you feel jumpy

Have an excellent wedding and if you want a fantastic celebrant who is lots of fun, contact us.

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Creating Moments to Cherish Forever!

Pets at your Wedding by Cherish Ceremonies

Having your Fur Babies attend your wedding is very popular at the moment.  Doggos and Puppers are such a special part of the family and more and more people are choosing to have them be present and be part of their wedding and new ‘leash on life’.

There are a few things to consider when deciding to have your pets be a part of your special day, otherwise, it can end up a bit Ruff.

As weddings can be quite busy and hectic, it is a good idea to ‘paws’ and ask a friend or relative or specialised pet sitter to be in charge of your furry friend/s.  These days there are even special people who will do everything on the big day to ensure your furry friends arrive on time, are looked after, fed watered and returned to their safe place after the wedding. This obviously removes the worry about their welfare.

For example: First Class Pet Wedding Assistants service Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Northern NSW and the Hinterlands


Llama alpaca wedding bride groom pet ceremony Logan, Beenleigh, brisbane, Gold Coast, Tamborine mountain, Windaroo, Waterford, Queensland Firstly you should check that pets are allowed at the site you have chosen.  They will need shade and water if it is an outside venue, especially in summer weather. Obviously, they should not be left alone in cars or to their own devices.  Please give someone from your guests or your pet sitter permission to come and get the pets if they start to cause any sort of disruption to your ceremony. Like little children, pets can sometimes act out of character or in an unruly manner, and you don’t want them to spoil your big day.

If they are playing a role in the ceremony, besides being in the photos or part of the wedding party, you should practice their role with them. Be realistic, do they sit still and behave if they are going to be part of the ceremony?

This is a true ‘tail’ from a Cherish Wedding. Quite a few years ago, friends of mine, Lindsay and Kim, decided to a special little fur friend Rufus take the role of ‘best man and ring bearer’ at their wedding. Rufus was a very good friend of Lindsay’s and they decided to dispense with the traditional human roles of Best Man and just use Rufus. Being the smart little fellow he was, they practiced calling him at the appropriate time to come and bring the rings to the Bride and Groom. Rufus wore a doggy tuxedo with the rings attached and ran up the aisle right on cue and delivered the rings to perfection.  What a good boy he was.

Since those days, many couples have chosen to have their fur babies there as part of their ceremony to great acclaim.

There are many websites where you can purchase some formal gear for you pet to wear at your Wedding. Otherwise, a pretty bow or some flowers attached to their collar would do the trick just right!

Good luck with your pet-friendly wedding and if you follow some of this advice you too will have a happy ‘tail’ to tell.

If you would like to book a wedding including pets with Cherish Ceremonies, just contact us

Cherish Ceremonies – Creating Memories to Cherish Forever!

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Sign Here and Here, Wait 31 Days, Kiss and Go – You’re Married!

Some couples who book Cherish Ceremonies to be their wedding celebrant want the full formal, traditional or elaborate wedding, while others, for many reasons prefer the idea of doing what’s legally required and moving on as a happily married couple. So if you are after the simplicity and affordability of a “Kiss and Go” type wedding this is what’s required.


Firstly you have to get a “Notice of Intended Marriage” or “NOIM” form signed with your celebrant. To complete this form your marriage celebrant will need to see your original birth certificate or passport and a form of photo ID like a drivers license. If you have been previously married, then you will also need to show the court document confirming dissolution. If you have changed your name, you need evidence of this. You can also complete the statutory declaration of no legal impediment when you sign your “NOIM”. Don’t worry your celebrant will have all the documents and how to complete them and will complete the necessary legal paperwork for you. You just have to sign in the appropriate locations to make it all official.

Then you wait…….. 31 days and then you can be married. YAY!

On your “wedding day”, you meet with your celebrant and 2 witnesses (over 18 years old – can be anyone at all) at any location within Australia. A “Kiss & Go” wedding is usually performed at the celebrant’s home or office. Then the legally required words must be said.

The celebrant must say:

I am duly authorised by law to solemnize marriages according to law.

Before you are joined in marriage in my presence and in the presence of these witnesses, I am to remind you of the solemn/serious and binding nature of the relationship into which you are now about to enter.

Marriage according to law in Australia, is the union of a man and a woman to the exclusion of all others, voluntarily entered into for life.”


Both the bride and the groom must say the legal vow line. You can add more too this line if you like, however, the minimum legally required words are:

“I call upon the people here present to witness that I [legal first name, and middle name &/or surname], take you [legal first name, and middle name &/or surname], to be my lawfully wedded wife/husband.”

and then the celebrant must “declare you married” or “declare you husband & wife”.

After these legally required words are spoken by each of the parties, we need to sign the legal paperwork. For this we need the bridegroom, the bride, the two witnesses (anyone who is over 18 years old and who witnessed the words spoken and signatures of the bride and groom) and the celebrant. So their are three documents at this stage that need to be signed by all 5 people:

  1. The Marriage Register (Big red book that belongs to the celebrant with all of their weddings in it)
  2.  The Official Certificate of Marriage (form that gets submitted by the celebrant to Births, Deaths & Marriages)
  3. The Certificate of Marriage (pretty certificate that the couple get to keep on the day of the wedding)

Once the above documents have been signed and witnessed you are married! It really is that quick and easy! If you decide to have the kiss and go style wedding you will find the signing of the documents takes longer than the actual wedding. This option is a fantastic idea for anyone who wants to take all of the stress and additional expense away from getting married in Australia. Imagine how much money you would save by not having an expensive formal gown, multiple bouquets of flowers, a wedding cake, fancy transport to the wedding, an expensive venue hire cost, bonbonniere, DJ/ musician, MC and reception.

If you would like to arrange a minimum legally required wedding in the style of “Kiss and Go” in South East Queensland, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Logan or surrounding areas, then give us at Cherish Ceremonies a call, text, email or whatever suits you and we can make this easy wedding happen for you and your fiance. In just 31 days and with no fuss and just the celebrant costs to pay, you will have arranged the cheapest, easiest wedding you can have!

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The Soundtrack to Your Wedding

Photos by Chris Moncus Photography

The soundtrack to your wedding is one of the most important factors other than the wording and presentation of the ceremony, that creates a mood, evokes emotion and memories and excites the soul. Music speaks to everyone and can say a lot about the couple getting married, how they feel about each other and sometimes tell a story about the relationship and the unique journey the couple are on together.

Shakespeare wrote, “If music be the food of love, play on”.

The right choice of soundtrack can add so much to your special day as it creates the feeling and atmosphere for your ceremony and celebration. The same goes with having the wrong music at your wedding. I once went to a wedding where some of the music was really inappropriate with themes about breaking up and having affairs…. eeeeek it was awkward!

There’s so much music out there so Cherish Ceremonies have prepared this handy list of wedding appropriate songs and music to inspire you. We have arranged them by genre or type to make your choices easier for you. There is music listed from Classical to Jazz, Modern Pop Songs, Old School Love Ballads, Rock and R&B, Boy Bands to Alternative. Sometimes people choose ‘their” song, but if you don’t have one, or it’s not appropriate for your wedding song, here is a magnificent list to suit all tastes. Most are available to listen to on You Tube.


So here’s what you are looking for:

For a standard wedding, commitment or renewal of vows you will generally need to have about 4 special songs. One song  for the walking in (Bridal Processional), two songs for the signing of the certificates and one song for walking out (Bridal Recessional) or the end of the ceremony. You will also want to think about pre-ceremony music (usually about 30-45minutes) and music for the reception or celebration after the ceremony.Happy-Joyous-Recessional-Songs-Confetti-Toss-Newlyweds-Walk-Up-The-Aisle-0

We recommend couples create a playlist (iTunes or similar) or multiple playlists. Of course you may choose to hire professional musicians to perform your special wedding songs. Cherish Ceremonies celebrants Lynette and Tamzin both have portable PA systems with internal rechargeable batteries that will play your music for you. Making it so easy for you to make your wedding playlist of songs that you would like to be the soundtrack to your wedding day!
Some couples will plan their music like this:

1. Pre Ceremony Music: 30-45 minutes of music that is subtle and enjoyable

2. Ceremony Music: Processional: 1 song – A beautiful love song or piece of music, Signing: 2 Songs – about love or just that you love, Recessional: 1 song – celebration happy song about love.

3. Reception music. Some people break this down into: Drinks music/ Bridal party entering the room or venue/ Pre meal music/ eating music/ fun dancing music/ bridal waltz

So we hope this helps you plan the soundtrack to your wedding day and all the best for the most amazing day of your life!wedding fingers piano

BTW – if you have any suggestions for songs we have missed we would love to hear from you, just email: or comment below 🙂

Have fun listening, we did.

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The Look of Love

Being a marrgroom-reaction-bride-aisleiage celebrant is a wonderful, beautiful and love filled job. We get to witness so many moments of love, happiness and togetherness with family and friends.

There are so many reasons why we love being wedding celebrants. When I think most about my favourite moment in a wedding, I have to say it is the “look of love”! That first moment when a groom sees his bride walking down the aisle and a bride sees her groom standing there waiting for her (or of course when a bride sees her bride, or a groom sees his groom)!

look of love3Now I’m not in any way fixed on the traditional format to a wedding ceremony, I love it when couples walk down the aisle together as equals and adults coming together, already united, or any other way, I just love weddings between any two people in love.

The look of love is a magical moment; I just love the way the couple see each other for the first time for the day and they smile and at each other, their eyes filled with all the strongest emotions, love, fear and happiness. They are breathless for just that moment and their bodies are filled with adrenaline and excitement. It doesn’t matter what colour the flowers are or any of the other stuff it’s just all about the strong bond and connection between two people in love. That is the moment I always look for and makes me so excited to be performing the wedding ceremony for the couple on one of the most important days of their life.

look of love


Tell us about your “look of love” moment or any magical wedding moment. We’d love to hear from you!

Cherish Ceremonies provide personally prepared ceremonies, professionally performed, creating moments to Cherish forever.

To arrange an appointment or make a booking contact us here.


Celebrant Tamzin


Wedding Tips: Getting to the ceremony on time part 1


When arranging your appointments with wedding Hairdressers & Makeup, its a great idea to get the Bride gets done FIRST. This will enable you to be first dressed and ready for any photographs and to relax a little when the Photographer and Video Operator arrive. Also if anyone’s make up and hair has to be rushed it certainly should not be the bride’s!

Please ensure the photographer understands that the wedding commences on time, This means that you and all the Bridal party have to be ready earlier, and the photographer arrives with plenty of time to take preparation and arrival photographs.

Kate Moss Wedding ArrivalSchedule to arrive at the venue punctually, or several minutes before. Allow extra time for the traffic if the wedding is scheduled for a Saturday morning. When arriving at the ceremony allow at least 5 minutes for photos with your limo, vintage car or horse drawn carriage! 😉 Also, organising your entry can take a few minutes too.  It is better to have ample time for photographs on arrival than be rushed. You can always ‘circle the block’ if too early! Lol

If you would like to have a Cherish Ceremonies Celebrant perform your wedding click here


A Wedding with Super Powered Love!

Kyle and Amanda’s wedding was out of this world!

Gorgeously styled in a mix of vintage, retro, natural glamour, a subtle hint of superhero all set to the colourful and fun backdrop of Aussie World on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland.

Cherish Celebrant Tamzin performed the wedding ceremony and  here’s a few pics (thanks to Ruth Ryan Photography) from this wonderful happy wedding!

superman_cufflinksThe Groom: The man of steel

the cutest flowergirls (Medium)The cutest flowergirls!

proud_dad_givingaway (Medium)Proud Dad giving his daughter away! [Read more…]

Wedding-Hot Air Balloon

xYarra,P20Valley,P20Moomba,P20vines-large.jpg.pagespeed.ic.oNtKdCc-n8Wedding in Hot Air Balloon

If you have a yen for an out of this world wedding, or you are true lovebirds, you could consider a Hot Air Balloon wedding.

If you’d love to have a romantic wedding, with beautiful views of South East Queensland, maybe getting married in a Hot Air Balloon is your dream come true.

The views are beautiful, and the guests are limited.

Things to consider are:-

  1. Are you an early morning person? Hot air balloons usually fly of an early morning.
  2. Do you mind if your wedding date changes? Weather conditions are a factor in whether the balloon flies or not.
  3. Are your celebrant and two witnesses able to change days if needs be?
  4. The Hot Air Balloon company usually charges more per person for wedding flights.
  5. If the Bride is wearing a long gown, she would probably have to be helped into the basket and helped out again.
  6. Brides should probably consider a veil free ensemble.
  7. You could take your photographer, or have them meet you at the landing site.
  8. Alternatively one of the witnesses could snap photos of you on the flight.
  9. Choose one of the Cherish Ceremonies celebrants. We love heights.

For more information or to make a booking for your wedding contact us


Wedding with ‘Out of this World’ Love

IMG_1148It was the morning after the storm! The biggest flash flood seen in Brisbane since sometime in the 1800’s! The sun was shining, the birds were chirping and the Rotunda at New Farm Park was looking glorious!IMG_1140 (Small)

An intimate group of family and very close friends gathered in excitement as the Groom welcomed everyone, making jokes, looking suave in Navy Blue and showing off his Batman cuff links that were given to him by his mum!

The bride also wore navy blue and looked stunning in her modern take on a vintage lace gown. Massive science and space fans their vows spoke of infinite out of this world love.
Here’s a small sample (with minor editing for privacy) from some of the most amazingly beautiful, heartfelt wedding vows I have ever heard:

jonanderin_civilwedding” My sweetheart, my love, my reason to smile every day, my everything. I was given the impossible task of having to express my love to you. Impossible because I cannot find the right words? No. Impossible, because there is not a single adjective in any language which could even come close to explaining how I feel about you.”

…… and [Read more…]