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Tips for an Inexpensive Wedding Day

You can have a beautiful Wedding day and it not break the bank balance.

As Celebrants we see a large variety of different ideas for the big day.  Just because your day costs a lot of money, doesn’t mean it’s going to be your perfect dream Wedding.

It can still be very special but with a twist which puts your own personal stamp on the day and makes it more like your personality or style. You can theme your wedding to blend with a hobby such as 50’s dancing, or disco. We will write another blog soon on themed weddings we have seen.  Look out for that one if you are really interested in themes.


Do you want a cheap wedding, but don’t want it to look cheap?

We’ll start at the beginning of the planning.

Except for people who really need to know, when planning your wedding, try and keep the word ‘wedding’ out of your purchases. Sometimes just that one word adds a whole lot more money to the purchase.

There may be some things which you just don’t want to miss out for your wedding, if you are saving money in other areas, it won’t matter quite so much.



As Celebrants we do believe that you should spend a reasonable amount of money to hire a great Celebrant.  Celebrants are not created equally, and a very cheap Celebrant can ruin your day.  A good Celebrant will create a ceremony that is beautiful and meaningful for you and your guests to remember and enjoy forever. Those words which are said are a reflection of your hopes and your dreams for the future of your relationship. Therefore they are an important foundation. As is their presentation, the sound of their voice and of course a warm and friendly personality.



Hire a professional photographer.  I have seen many Brides and Grooms very upset after their Wedding to find out that their friends did not do a good enough job of capturing their wedding. Sometimes you can be lucky, but guests generally do not know when to get those fabulous shots which last the lifetime of the relationship, the ones you want to show loved ones, frame and put on the wall and keep for future generations.

One of our next blog posts will cover the way to get the best photos from your wedding.

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