Wedding with ‘Out of this World’ Love

IMG_1148It was the morning after the storm! The biggest flash flood seen in Brisbane since sometime in the 1800’s! The sun was shining, the birds were chirping and the Rotunda at New Farm Park was looking glorious!IMG_1140 (Small)

An intimate group of family and very close friends gathered in excitement as the Groom welcomed everyone, making jokes, looking suave in Navy Blue and showing off his Batman cuff links that were given to him by his mum!

The bride also wore navy blue and looked stunning in her modern take on a vintage lace gown. Massive science and space fans their vows spoke of infinite out of this world love.
Here’s a small sample (with minor editing for privacy) from some of the most amazingly beautiful, heartfelt wedding vows I have ever heard:

jonanderin_civilwedding” My sweetheart, my love, my reason to smile every day, my everything. I was given the impossible task of having to express my love to you. Impossible because I cannot find the right words? No. Impossible, because there is not a single adjective in any language which could even come close to explaining how I feel about you.”

…… and

jonanderin_civilwedding_vows“I vow, for the rest of our time together, throughout our wondrous journey in life on a planet that fails in comparison in magnificence to you, that I will keep every promise I ever make to you – because I cannot stand to break any part of our bond together. I love you endlessly, and will forever keep you in my heart as my wife. I cannot wait to spend the rest of our lives together.”

……. and some of the bride’s vows

“From the moment we met on that cold, wet June night, discussing Carl Sagan, Batman and unfortunate run-ins with clowns, one thing was certain – beside the fact that our umbrella-sharing skills leave little to be desired – I was certain I had found someone very unlike anyone I had ever met before.”

….. and

“Words fail to eloquate how happy I am that you have come into my life, how grateful I am for the relationship that we have built together, and how excited I am for everything that lies ahead of us.  I promise to cherish, nurture and honour our new life together with every fibre of my being.  I promise to address your needs and welfare as if they were my own, to be your rock as you are mine.  I promise that you will always find solace in my arms, love in my heart and a steady supply of Tabasco and Ribena in the cupboard.  And above all, I promise to stay true to these promises until I am returned to the universe… preferably as a tree or a duck.

I stand here before you, two years after that cold and rainy June night and I am just as captivated by you today as I was that night.  I love you times infinity to the power of infinity.  I am infinitely yours.”

This is not their complete vows but they were all amazing and i think just about every single person witnessing this beautiful moment between the bride and the groom

cried tears of joy and love. it was so magical!

jonanderin_indianweddingThe following week the couple celebrated their traditional Indian wedding to a room of approx 700 guests!!! Wow it was spectacular and simple stunning! What a memorable time the couple will cherish forever!



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