Don’t Have Wedding Photos Ruined

There’s a new kid in town and it’s called the smart phone.  This has made a camera available to almost everyone at your wedding.  Consider the implications of this.  Everyone suddenly thinks they are a professional photographer and they are trying to capture that special moment at your wedding or ceremony or sometimes every moment!

Lately couples have been asking me as their celebrant, to make an added announcement before their wedding.  They want their wedding photographer and or videographer to have right of way to the wedding shots.  Many, many times I see people with their smart phones taking a video or photos and being blissfully unaware that they are getting in the way of the official photographer.  They can spoil important shots by getting between the photographer and the couple or wedding party.  They even get up so close to the couple it can be unnerving for them, especially during the vows, or when the kiss is happening.

Usually the couple have paid a lot of money to have their wedding documented by a professional.  Sometimes just mentioning that the professional photographer has right of way on the invitation and again on the ceremony day, can save those important shots. Asking guests to stay in their chairs or in their chosen spot and not move closer to the couple and the wedding party can do the trick.

I saw a funny video online recently where a woman with her phone circled the wedding couple like a shark for the whole of the ceremony, making it impossible for the photographer and videographer to do their job.  I have seen smart phone users backing down the aisle in front of the wedding party, making it difficult for them to even enter the wedding site.

You can set a time when the amateur photographers can all come up and take their photo if you like, a great time for this is during the presentation of the marriage certificate. Give your photographer permission to be brave and move guests if needed and also tell them when they can take their shots.

To avoid these photography pitfalls, it is a great idea to have your celebrant make that announcement and have all of your precious memories chronicled for posterity.

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