Top Tips When Changing Names

Top Tips When Changing Names

Most brides complain it’s hard to find the time to visit all the offices in person to finalise their name change, so follow these expert tips to get your name change done quick smart.


  1. Start by getting your marriage certificate from Births Deaths and Marriages. This can take 2 weeks to become available after your ceremony
  2. Prioritise your photo ID. This is useful in proving name change with other companies
  3. Take a few hours off work on a mid-week morning to visit banks and other places that need your name change done in person. Queues are always shortest on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings.
  4. Always take your original BDM marriage certificate and loads of identification documents when changing names in person. The last thing you want is to have to make a second trip.
  5. Some name changes by mail require a certified copy of your marriage certificate. It’s a good idea to get a few extra copies certified at the same time.
  6. Use a checklist like the one at Easy Name Change so you can have one place where you keep track of all your changes.
  7. Set a time limit to get all your name changes done. Up to 4 weeks is reasonable, as it can be difficult to prove identity with various accounts under different names
  8. Keep an eye on your mail for a few months to come. Some accounts are often overlooked, so as mail comes in under your old name make sure you keep on top of it.
  9. Make sure your new name is on your wedding thank you cards. This way your family and friends will know your preferred name.

When it comes to changing names, ultimately you’ll need to contact each organization directly as they all have varying requirements. Alternatively, personalised name change kits will provide ready to send notifications and also lists what proof each company needs.

We love Easy Name Change’s personalised name change kits, because they provide all the name change paperwork and procedures in one place. No need to wait on the phone or chase forms! Find out more at


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