4 Types of Bridal Entry

Mum, Bride and Brother entry

Mum, Bride and Brother entry

When couples ask for a traditional entry, they usually mean the American type, which we see on the American movies. There are actually three different types of entry, plus anything that you might come up with creatively yourself, or with your Celebrant.

1.  American entry: This is where the Groom and Groomsmen wait at the wedding site for the Bride. The Bride is preceded by the attendants, e.g. Flower Girl, Page Boy, and typically three Bridesmaids and/or Maid of Honour, then the Bride. Tips for this type of entry, ensure that the children involved are abut 4 years or over, as small children may choose your special day to put on their best tantrum in a spectacular way. Have another adult prepared to step in and take the child aside.

The step, wait, step, wait, type of walk for the Bridesmaids is outdated and artificial. Make sure the Bridesmaids walk slowly and naturally in time to the music provided. Time the music, from entry point to wedding site with everyone involved, to make sure that your music isn’t over before you are there with the Groom.

2. English entry:  Also known as the Princess entry, see Royal weddings for this one. This is where the Groom and Groomsmen wait at the wedding site and the Bride arrives first, followed by her attendants.  The idea behind this is that the Chief Bridesmaid or Matron of Honour carry the train for the Bride, so that her dress is not dirty in any way when she arrives to greet the Groom. This way the Bride gets most of the attention when she enters, instead of the Bridesmaids in the American entry. Tips are basically the same as for the American entry. These days, Brides can be accompanied by anyone they like, e.g. Mum and Dad,  just Dad, Brothers, Sisters, Aunts, Uncles or other family or friends.

3. Scottish entry: This is a pretty cool way of entering. This idea came from days of yore, when the whole village was invited to the wedding.  All of the guests would wait where the Bride was to arrive.  This includes Groom, Groomsmen, Bridesmaids and Celebrant.  When the Bride arrives, she is greeted by Groom and he takes her down the aisle to the wedding site, followed by the Celebrant, Attendants and Guests. This can be a very exciting way to start the ceremony. Tips, some minstrels might be a good idea to play some music for this type of entry. Another modern version of this type of entry, is when the Bride and Groom arrive and walk in together arm in arm.

4. No Rules Entry: These days, the rules are kaput. Any creative way you can think of is probably okay. You can have dancing dogs or acrobats precede you if you like. Ha ha. 

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