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The Look of Love

Being a marrgroom-reaction-bride-aisleiage celebrant is a wonderful, beautiful and love filled job. We get to witness so many moments of love, happiness and togetherness with family and friends.

There are so many reasons why we love being wedding celebrants. When I think most about my favourite moment in a wedding, I have to say it is the “look of love”! That first moment when a groom sees his bride walking down the aisle and a bride sees her groom standing there waiting for her (or of course when a bride sees her bride, or a groom sees his groom)!

look of love3Now I’m not in any way fixed on the traditional format to a wedding ceremony, I love it when couples walk down the aisle together as equals and adults coming together, already united, or any other way, I just love weddings between any two people in love.

The look of love is a magical moment; I just love the way the couple see each other for the first time for the day and they smile and at each other, their eyes filled with all the strongest emotions, love, fear and happiness. They are breathless for just that moment and their bodies are filled with adrenaline and excitement. It doesn’t matter what colour the flowers are or any of the other stuff it’s just all about the strong bond and connection between two people in love. That is the moment I always look for and makes me so excited to be performing the wedding ceremony for the couple on one of the most important days of their life.

look of love


Tell us about your “look of love” moment or any magical wedding moment. We’d love to hear from you!

Cherish Ceremonies provide personally prepared ceremonies, professionally performed, creating moments to Cherish forever.

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Celebrant Tamzin


Wedding Tips: Getting to the ceremony on time part 1


When arranging your appointments with wedding Hairdressers & Makeup, its a great idea to get the Bride gets done FIRST. This will enable you to be first dressed and ready for any photographs and to relax a little when the Photographer and Video Operator arrive. Also if anyone’s make up and hair has to be rushed it certainly should not be the bride’s!

Please ensure the photographer understands that the wedding commences on time, This means that you and all the Bridal party have to be ready earlier, and the photographer arrives with plenty of time to take preparation and arrival photographs.

Kate Moss Wedding ArrivalSchedule to arrive at the venue punctually, or several minutes before. Allow extra time for the traffic if the wedding is scheduled for a Saturday morning. When arriving at the ceremony allow at least 5 minutes for photos with your limo, vintage car or horse drawn carriage! 😉 Also, organising your entry can take a few minutes too.  It is better to have ample time for photographs on arrival than be rushed. You can always ‘circle the block’ if too early! Lol

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A Wedding with Super Powered Love!

Kyle and Amanda’s wedding was out of this world!

Gorgeously styled in a mix of vintage, retro, natural glamour, a subtle hint of superhero all set to the colourful and fun backdrop of Aussie World on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland.

Cherish Celebrant Tamzin performed the wedding ceremony and  here’s a few pics (thanks to Ruth Ryan Photography) from this wonderful happy wedding!

superman_cufflinksThe Groom: The man of steel

the cutest flowergirls (Medium)The cutest flowergirls!

proud_dad_givingaway (Medium)Proud Dad giving his daughter away! [Read more…]

Wedding-Hot Air Balloon

xYarra,P20Valley,P20Moomba,P20vines-large.jpg.pagespeed.ic.oNtKdCc-n8Wedding in Hot Air Balloon

If you have a yen for an out of this world wedding, or you are true lovebirds, you could consider a Hot Air Balloon wedding.

If you’d love to have a romantic wedding, with beautiful views of South East Queensland, maybe getting married in a Hot Air Balloon is your dream come true.

The views are beautiful, and the guests are limited.

Things to consider are:-

  1. Are you an early morning person? Hot air balloons usually fly of an early morning.
  2. Do you mind if your wedding date changes? Weather conditions are a factor in whether the balloon flies or not.
  3. Are your celebrant and two witnesses able to change days if needs be?
  4. The Hot Air Balloon company usually charges more per person for wedding flights.
  5. If the Bride is wearing a long gown, she would probably have to be helped into the basket and helped out again.
  6. Brides should probably consider a veil free ensemble.
  7. You could take your photographer, or have them meet you at the landing site.
  8. Alternatively one of the witnesses could snap photos of you on the flight.
  9. Choose one of the Cherish Ceremonies celebrants. We love heights.

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Wedding with ‘Out of this World’ Love

IMG_1148It was the morning after the storm! The biggest flash flood seen in Brisbane since sometime in the 1800’s! The sun was shining, the birds were chirping and the Rotunda at New Farm Park was looking glorious!IMG_1140 (Small)

An intimate group of family and very close friends gathered in excitement as the Groom welcomed everyone, making jokes, looking suave in Navy Blue and showing off his Batman cuff links that were given to him by his mum!

The bride also wore navy blue and looked stunning in her modern take on a vintage lace gown. Massive science and space fans their vows spoke of infinite out of this world love.
Here’s a small sample (with minor editing for privacy) from some of the most amazingly beautiful, heartfelt wedding vows I have ever heard:

jonanderin_civilwedding” My sweetheart, my love, my reason to smile every day, my everything. I was given the impossible task of having to express my love to you. Impossible because I cannot find the right words? No. Impossible, because there is not a single adjective in any language which could even come close to explaining how I feel about you.”

…… and [Read more…]

Unusual sites for a Wedding Part 2 – Wedding on a Plane.

plane marriage 2People are often looking for something different for their wedding ceremony. Anything from ships, boats, canoes (the topic of our last blog) to being married on a plane or other ways which will be outlined in further Cherish Ceremonies blogs.


If you are keen to marry on a plane, there are a few things to keep in mind: [Read more…]

Unusual Sites for a Wedding – Wedding on a Boat or Ship

SONY DSCUnusual sites for a Wedding – Marriage on a Boat or Ship

If you are searching for a different setting for your wedding you and you simply love the water, you may be interested in the romantic idea of marrying on a boat.

Water is usually associated with emotion, so it is a great place spiritually to be married near or on the water.

There are varied ways of doing this and many different styles of boat or ship that you could use.

[Read more…]

Top 7 tips for Writing Your Own Wedding Vows

IMG_69011. Select words that speak from your heart that are a real reflection of your relationship and what is important between the two of you.

2. Keep it positive and don’t say anything negative about you, your partner or your relationship.

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Wedding – Country Chic Theme

Beautiful country wedding, lovely couple, Alix and Ryan tied the knot at Alix’s Grandparents home. Country theme with muslin covered hay bales for guests to sit on. Country chic stylings, with hand made dream catchers, flowers in cream cans hung around the small lake. Family lectern with brass engraved plaques noting each family ceremony. Cute blackboard and white hooked metal stands around the lake and new wooden walkway were just some of the many decorations. Charlie the family’s border collie was all dressed up in a tuxedo for the wedding. He was gearing up to try and replace the Best Man. Lots of love to Alix and Ryan. 
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photo 2

   photo 8 photo 1

Love this one!

Lots of gratitude for all the husbands and friends ??


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